Wednesday, August 22

Idle Hands Are the Devil's Playground...

Remember some time back when I mentioned sucking it up and finishing school?

Well, I'm right in the thick of things as of Monday. I'm trudging through and working my brain.

Today, on the the 20 minute ride to school I suffered a flat tire and Pop had to come rescue me. Two hours and four tires later, I was on my way to school. Just in time for Biology Lab. Oh boy!

When I'm not at school or studying, I'm sewing.

I made this eyeglass case out of that mothball-smelling fabric I got from the estate sale a week ago. I'm making a matching wine bag for my little friend for her 60th birthday. (photo to come)

Here's the dress from that vintage fabric. The neckline is a tad low, so I added an inset of Batten burg lace. I haven't decided on the hemline. What do you think of a handkerchief hemline?

I still have gardening--in spit of the lack of rain--to provide a diversion to studies.
Don't you just love Hibiscus?

And when I really can't decide what to do with myself, I just swing on the back deck.


Jennifer said...

Love the swing. Love the dress.

Good for you, going back to school. Where are you going?

slouching mom said...

You are a force to be reckoned with! How wonderful that you're going back to school.

Imperatrix said...

Good luck on going back to school. One perk of being an adult in school is that some of the anxiety is gone: Got a flat tire on the first day of school? Not the end of the world!

The dress looks great. I'm not a big fan of handkerchief hems, but I'm sure *you* would make it look great.

goldennib said...

Have fun in school. Sorry you had all those blow outs.

Looks like you have a lovely place to relax.

The dress is very pretty.

OldHorsetailSnake said...

You are a wonderful seamstress, Miz Mell, besides being a Super Tomato Raiser.

Christine said...

have fun back at school!

and that dress? gorgeous!

i wish i could sew.