Wednesday, August 1

Still Scratching My Head...

Since I live in tobacco country, this sign was a shocker. Seems the good folks in this Texas town have banned smoking from all public places. A violation will cost you $500!

Miss Jessica pointed out that instead of seeing smokers light up inside a restaurant's "designated smoking area" or bar, you'll see them all hanging out 20 feet from the establishment's main entrance, as per the new smoking ban... sort of like the smoking alleys we remember associated with high school in the 70s.

Having lived in this area for some 18 years or so, I was quickly reminded of the thinking of the city officials. This city still rates as one of the highest in the nation for teenage births. Do you think they'll ever figure out the importance of sex education and birth control (rather than just teaching abstinence)?

The city also boasts 3 universities and several colleges.
I noticed this sign not far from one...

I still believe Texas has the most beautiful baby-blue sky I have ever seen.

A sky which can cloud up quickly, threatening bad weather, but never produce the first drop of rain.


slouching mom said...

Your label -- "Why Ask Why" -- is so fitting for this post.

Lovely picture of the brewing storm.

Jennifer said...

The sky in Texas always amazes me. So big, so wide. So unlike the sky here in Virginia.

The firewood sign is hilarious. My Houston-born-and-bred sister-in-law types her emails exactly the way she talks. Exactly. No deviation whatsoever. So I often get emails along the lines of "farwood fer sale". I love it.

goldennib said...

Maybe they think cigarettes really cause pregnancy.

Purdy skys (I went to college, too.)

LisaBinDaCity said...

I actually love that no smoking thing!

And Texas rocks!

OldHorsetailSnake said...

What they get that farwood fum?

Christine said...

that firewood sign is too much.

The Kept Woman said...

Perhaps the guy is retard and looking for a way to make money by selling the wood? Oh and yes, that would be "retired" for those of you who don't speak Texan, I wasn't making fun of his mental capabilites.

Bwahahahaha. I crack me up.

Love the sky, it always looks more wide open down there and that rain is a welcome sight. We're going on nearly a month plus without measurable rain.

Ms. Annie D said...

I'm with Slouching Mom on the pic of the brewing storm. That's a beautiful sight to me, and I LOVE the sounds of a thunderstorm.

Not that I get a lot of that here in Southern California.

And that pic of the cigarette carton ad sent me googling for average prices. Wow. I had NO idea how expensive those things are!