Friday, August 31

The Importance of Fans

Look what my little friend surprised me with this week!

She had suggested at last Friday's get-together (when I was fanning away the affects of hot flashes with magazines and the like) that I search for one of those old church fans.

Do you remember them? They were always stuck in the slots on the back of the church pews with the hymnals and looked something like a thin piece of cardboard attached to a paint stirrer.

I dismissed the idea, of course, because those things are so damned unattractive.

I guess she had such empathy for my situation that she went on a mission to find something more suitable to my liking.

Aren't they marvelous?

Both fold away and can be tucked into a purse or whatever for instant relief.


Jennifer said...

Lovely. Stay cool.

slouching mom said...

Y'know, fans are miraculous things. They do what they're supposed to do. Just like brooms. I'm enamored of the old-fashioned kitchen broom.