Sunday, August 5

Heat and Hot Flashes

With temperatures in the mid 90s every day, my Desert Lotus is thriving.

My tomatoes don't respond as well to the heat though.

Turns out, I don't either.

While in Texas, my nurse friend convinced me to quit taking the hormones I've been accustomed to for about four years now. My daughters have expressed concerns for some time as well, so I thought why not?

I'm coming up on two weeks now and the worst of it is the hot flashes. During the day, its tolerable. But at night, it's covers on and covers off the entire night.

I'm opting for some herbal remedies today. Anyone got any ideas?


slouching mom said...

Afraid I don't know. This is in my future, but I'm guessing sooner rather than later. I hope that they abate -- I am glad you are off the hormones, though.

Christine said...

no help i'm, afraid. hope you find something that helps.

Jennifer said...

Is your Desert Lotus a type of sedum?

I don't know anything about the hot flashes. Sorry.

LisaBinDaCity said...

Glad your lotus is enjoying the heat cause I sure as heck am not ;-)

goldennib said...

Estroven makes some good products, one specifically for hot flashes and related symptoms. I use their formula for PMS depression and it works well. You can get them in all major drugstores and I've seen them in KMart, too.

OldHorsetailSnake said...

My partner also doffed the hormones after reading how bad they can treat you. And she has the hot flashes. She says she's willing to take the flashes, vis a vis the alternative. And, she says, they won't last forever. Take heart.

msostran said...

STAY OFF THE HORMONES MEL!!!! You almost have it beat.