Wednesday, May 23

A Colorful Life

I planted this Foxglove last year because I liked the blooms. The pale pink makes me think of Miss Jessica (my oldest) because she is truly girly and pink is her favorite color.

This bright-colored bush was given to me in snips from Momo. Momo got it from Granny's house long ago. (Granny was Pop's mother.) The bright purple makes me think of Miss Jeni because purple was her favorite color when she was little.

This Peony was transplanted from the front of the house 3 or 4 years ago. It was originally planted who-knows-when by JB's grandmother. She moved into this house in 1902.

I think I have officially graduated to the proverbial southern old lady. I can take you on a walking tour and share personal memories and glimpses of family through our landscaping.

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slouching mom said...

Love love love foxglove.