Saturday, May 5

Wher Are You Mr. Sun?

Don't let the innocent face fool you. That's Sir Thomas, aka Fat Cat, hiding in the leftover daffodils at the base of my birdfeeder.

Not that he's starving or anything. He weighs 18 pounds or so.

I DID notice birdfeathers to the left of the pole yesterday.

I think he knows his hunting days are numbered.

If it will quit raining long enough today, I plan on taking the ole weedeater to the base of the pole... exposing Thomas to all the unsuspecting birds!

Also, when it quites raining, I need to find places for the 80-some bulbs my sister mailed to me yesterday. (Thank you, Pam!)

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(un)relaxeddad said...

18 pounds?!? That's not a cat - that's Garfield! He carries it well, though.

Ms. Annie D said...

I'm with unrelaxeddad on this one.

18 pounds? Whoa!

Fat Cat is one of the reasons that my little wimpy kitties stay indoors.

They wouldn't stand a chance...