Friday, May 4

Growing In Leaps & Bounds

The rain beaded up on the leaves and looked like little crystals on my Hostas. They're the result of Momo dividing her overflowing flower beds a couple of years back.

The intermittent rain was all the encouragement Pop and Momo's garden needed, though.

Momo fondly recalls how her sister referred to the onions as "little soldiers" standing all straight and in a row.

Pop has all kinds of stuff growing. We walked around their yard yesterday afternoon and he pointed out the highlights.
He gave me 2 Haberno Pepper Plants and I gave Momo a Better Boy Tomato Plant.

My garden is coming along--but you guessed it--Pop and Momo are way ahead of me.

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slouching mom said...

I love seeing your outdoor space. It's really gorgeous.