Monday, May 21

Like Riding A Bicycle

We drove across two counties, far into the mountains to hear these fellows play.
Jb tells me that they have a Grammy or two under their belt.

But the real attraction for me was seeing my other half reunited with his old band from over 10 years ago.

These three got together for a dry run the evening of JB's 50th birthday.

When they started playing on Saturday, quite a few in the audience just couldn't sit still during their performance.

(Don't you just love these guys' shirts? Half the men in America would see either one as a welcome wardrobe addition.)


KathyR said...

The shirts are cool. The dancing is great!

Was this part of JB's celebration or just a happy coincidence?

slouching mom said...

I love those first two photos. Did you take them? I am beginning to suspect that you are quite the photographer, MizMell.

goldennib said...

I love listening to live music, especially hometown bands.

cce said...

Looks like it was a superior, music, dancing. Summer's here and I love the possibilities.