Tuesday, May 22

How Does Your Garden Grow?

I've been busy in the yard--mowing and planting and weeding.
I've been pretty determined to keep the deer from my lilies (as well as other things) this year and have applied Liquid Fence once a week religiously.
It stinks to high heavens for 24 hours but keeps the deer away.

Pop made this little thingey...

He says it's me--complete with hoe!

He's just so creative... I'm always anxious to see what he's been making.

When I watered the garden this morning, I noticed little bitty green tomatoes.

Looks like I may just get first tomato!
Old Horsetail Snake has challenged me so, I hope this prompts him to show me his (since I've shown him mine).


Imperatrix said...

That's a big field of something where you placed your avatar! What is it?

slouching mom said...

Oh, I love these pictures. Thank you. The lily's color is breathtaking.

Micki said...

How beautiful! I'm a little jealous, when I look at my yard, all I see are the tall weeds that haven't been mown!