Sunday, May 13

Who's Your Mama?

Used to be Mother's Day was all about me.
From the time I woke up till the time I turned in that evening, I was reminded it was my day and I was supposed to relax and take it easy. I was showered with big hugs and wet kisses all day long.

Time changes everything. (Photo at left is Momo--some 30 years ago.)

I'm no longer married to the girls' father. No one in this state calls me "Mama."

I have a stepson, but it has been brought to my attention several times that "he already has a mother." Enough said.

I miss my girls.

It's been 5 months since I've seen them--hugged them. They're all grown and have their own lives and I'm aching for the little girls I had a hundred years ago.

This Mother's Day will be spent having breakfast with the outlaws. Then I'll track down Momo and Pop and share some hugs and kisses.Posted by Picasa


Micki said...

Happy Mother's Day!
I have tagged you! Take a look at what it's about on my site.

slouching mom said...

Oh, I'm sorry. I will not handle that well, I think.

Happy Mother's Day just the same.

anna said...

Such a sweet picture. How does it all go so fast is what I want to know. Happy Mother's Day all the same...