Wednesday, November 21

Childhood Creativity

What have you got planned for your Thanksgiving table decorations?

The creativity of children always lends itself well to the holiday decorations. The pine cone turkey Miss Jessica has in her hand sat in the middle of our table one year.

And, children wearing handcrafted Pilgrim hats can be festive as well.

One year, I purchased flour tortillas and let the girls make tepees for the centerpiece. I cut one in half and each one painted Indian symbols on it using a fine paint brush and food coloring. They ate a few, but the ones remaining I rolled into a tepee and used toothpicks at the top to hold it together. They loved it! And it was all edible!

The infamous wishbone--every year they scrambled to see who would find it. Every year we had this photo. (Miss Jeni looks a tad devilish--wonder what her wish was?)

What Thanksgiving traditions do your family enjoy?


Jennifer (Jen on the Edge) said...

Spending two hours in the car driving south. Lunch with one side of the family. Then, dinner with the other side. Finally, the drive back home, wherein I give thanks for not having to do that again for 364 days...

Jill Davis Doughtie said...

Happy Thanksgiving!