Sunday, November 11

A Gracious Way To Speak Your Mind

I remember standing in line well over an hour one holiday season just so Miss Jessica could sit on Santa's knee and visit. She was all of 3 or 4 years old. I remember how she waited patiently, holding my hand, and watched as the other children each took their turn with Santa.

Some children cried and wanted no part of it. These mothers would exit quickly, after scooping up the wailing child. The line would move forward.

Others treated Santa like a long lost relative, giving the year in complete review, with the occasional "family secret."

As we got closer, I noticed little Miss Jessica's temperament changing a bit. What earlier was described as calm and patient, had changed to a bit anxious and excited.

Finally! It was our turn. The fashionably dressed young elf, put out her hand to guide my daughter to the long-awaited place on Santa's knee.

Jessica stepped forward and looked up at the elf. She touched her hand just briefly before she said clearly and ever so politely, "No, thank you."

I'm not sure what changed her mind about visiting with Santa. But she handled the situation graciously--like a true lady.


slouching mom said...

I think that's really lovely. You can take some of the credit for that, mama, no?

blackbird said...


the end of motherhood said...

Those are the situations when I am just DYING to know what is going on in their little heads...So sweet.

Christine said...

of course she was sweet and polite--her mother is a most glorious and gracious lady herself.