Tuesday, November 27

Sly, Like A Fat Cat

I was glad for the break in the weather today. It was sunny and a bit crisp.

The air was just cool enough to make Thomas crouch, rather than sprawl, in the afternoon sun.

I went down and sprayed Liquid Fence on my garden full of Georgia Collards,
to keep the rabbits at bay.

As I came up the steps to the back deck, I couldn't help but notice
Thomas had stretched to his full height.

He knows timing is everything. I let him in.

He went to curl up someplace warmer as I went to make dinner.
You can find the recipe here. (Broccoli and Ham Quiche!)

And for tomorrow, I'll post 7 weird things about myself, as I have been tagged by (un)relaxed Dad.


Imperatrix said...

He matches the grill!

Very cute.

Christine said...

he looks so regal.

Anne said...

Beautiful cat. We've got a tabby with white paws and chest but not as nice a profile as yours. Ours lives in the garage.

Diane J Standiford said...

hahahaha, his face! Not enough sun and "How dare she photograph me now." Cats! Gotta love their tude.