Thursday, November 15

Like A Well-Oiled Machine

It's official. All the men have decided to take off from work on Friday.

As they made their plans via phone this evening, I marinated 12 pounds of brisket so I could put in in the oven when I wake up in the morning.

While I'm off learning numbered sets and Kreb's Cycle, Apple Butter Weekend will start to unfold.

When I'm picking up more than a hundred pounds of sugar and fresh allspice and cloves, they'll be cleaning the copper kettles and getting the fire pits ready.

By the time I arrive home tomorrow afternoon, there will be a pick-up with 20 bushels of apples in my backyard.


Christine said...

you have me dreaming of apple butter.

no fair.


Smalltown RN said...

Well now that is a lot of apple butter...what on earth do you use it all for? I have never used apple butter but I have seen many recipes that call for it.

Thanks for visiting my blog....hope you have a great weekend.