Friday, November 2

The Power of Suggestion

I overslept a bit this morning. When I peered over the covers, past the overgrown hibicus at the end of the bed, to look at the digital numbers on the clock over by the dresser, I saw 6:56.

That meant changing the schedule. I wouldn't have time to post.. or read blogs.. or spend that hour in front of the computer before rushing off to the shower.
I did what I had to do, though and woke JB at 7:22.

He didn't seem in all that big of a rush, and after further inquiry I discovered he would be home for the day.

My mother didn't raise a fool. I seized the opportunity.

I told him since I had school and he would be home, why not help me out a bit? I suggested he mop the kitchen floor, clean the bathroom and vacuum the living room. After all, Friday Night Get-Together was at OUR house this week. All these things I would need to do when I got home from school.

I went off to school.

When I phoned after Biology class today, I asked JB how his morning went. He told me he just got through mopping the kitchen floor...


Hope said... go mama!

Imperatrix said...

The males ... they can be tricksy that way.

Hope you had a fun Friday get-together!