Thursday, November 29

I'm On A Roll...

Since yesterday's post, I thought I may as well open up a bit more.

Once upon a time, a middle-age bride ( a newlywed) was given a car for her birthday.
It was flattering.
The last time someone purchased a car for her, it was a 1968 Corvair that her father bought for her when she was just 16!

The birthday car that was very reminiscent of a youth that seemed a hundred years ago.
It was an unnecessary pleasure... a luxury.

The car had one night with a raccoon and now, four years later,
she wonders what the car is like now.
She still has the title, pays the insurance and the property taxes--
but has no car to drive with the top down on warm summer (or fall) days.

Is this what life is all about? Remembering things that once were?

I have a graffitti on the refrigerator that sums it up this way:
Never replace old dreams with regrets.

I intend on retrieving my car.


Fon said...

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the end of motherhood said...

Oh, what a great intention Mizmell. Keep us posted on your progress...

Linda and her Surroundings said...

Get that car. And remember things as they once were because it helps bring us back to who we really are.

Anne said...

Beautiful car (sigh!). I appreciate your list of 7 things. Refreshing.

Lori Anderson Designs said...

The car is great! My dad had a TR7, but he ended up buying two, one to drive and one for parts, since the damned thing broke down a zillion times. But it was worth it!