Saturday, November 17

When Life Gives You Apples, Make Apple Butter

We're almost 12 hours into it now.

We got started at 8 am with the peeling and coring.

The truck was filled with 20 bushels of this...

We all braved 27 degree weather to turn them into this...

The pits were adjusted to accommodate propane tanks
as opposed to wood fires.

We filled bushels baskets one by one.

And keep track of how many using a highly complex method.

We're waiting for the apples to "cook down" so the last couple of five-gallon buckets of apples can be added. This is the down time--the waiting time.

This is the break in the action that gives you a well-deserved opportunity to put your feet up, share stories and nibble a bit more of all the goodies brought by everyone.

It's a getting too dark to take photos, but I'll keep trying.

And, still to come--at the end--is putting the finished product into 85 million jars.


Jennifer (Jen on the Edge) said...

Wow. And you somehow found the time to take photos and blog. You are amazing.

blackbird said...

My GOSH this is an adventure - I'm so glad you are sharing it...

Christine said...

my son is sitting here looking at this with me and is screaming: "apple pancakes, apple pancakes!"