Monday, November 19

Flowers in the Dungeon

I'm crossing things off my list, getting ready for the next thing.

I've reach a point in my life that I understand the ebb and flow of day to day living. Tackle the waves one at a time. Rest and gather my strength in between--because I know the next one is coming.

Over the weekend, I tackled apple butter with 9 other brave souls. This morning, I tackled a biology test.

There were a few times I mentally tried to recreate my notes of formulas, coenzymes and intermediates. The consistent sighs I heard from other students in the room reminded me I was no different. We all do what we can do.

Like this hibiscus that once enjoyed the warmth of the summer sun but blooms in the basement in winter, we all eventually learn that in order to thrive--or even survive--we must remain flexible.


Christine said...

so true. flexibility is the key to so many things in life.

Nessa said...

Yes, I agree. And science words make my brain hurt.

cce said...

Hope that test went well and thanks for the reminder...I struggle with flexibility. I am, by nature, rigid, rigid, rigid.