Sunday, November 4

Party Hearty

This is the crazy time. It's right before Thanksgiving and Christmas. We are all focused on the time change, the cooler weather and the transition from the last of summer clothes and sandals.

Lots of loose ends to tie up--items to cross off that ever growing list. And then the holiday parties start. No, thank you, I'd rather not.

I understand the benefit of social interaction. I've even come to realize how sometimes the folks we don't want to be around, can actually provide a much-needed look inside ourselves. Besides, as long as the dinner or party is somewhere else, you can leave when you want-- if you can't take it anymore.

But you have to be polite and very diplomatic all the way. Manners are important. Momo used to tell me to "kill them with kindness." It can't be fake though. So you have treat them like you would someone, you scarcely know.

Why is that we often treat strangers better than those we know very well? Jb asked me this once, and I told him it's because we don't know how rotten the stranger is, or if he even IS rotten or maybe because we haven't seen the stranger's rottenness in action.

But that is beside the point...

If you treat this aggravating individual as if you have never met them before , or as if you are casual acquaintances, your visit will be pleasant. It may just throw them a curve ball and make them behave, too. Which works out excellent, because then you actually have a good time at this dinner or party or whatever.

If they don't get it and still act like an ass, remember you barely know this individual and respond appropriately. How would you respond if someone you barely knew acted like an ass?
Why you'd very politely put a little space between the two of you. Body language in it's most primitive form is best. Save the modern day body language for some other time.

The main thing here is self-discipline. But the self-discipline is for you. It benefits you.
It keeps your blood pressure normal and keeps your "tits out of the wringer," as JB would say.
And it provides you that social interaction that enhances your life expectancy.

It's your party, too.


OldHorsetailSnake said...

That's sort of complicated. I think I will just be a boorish sort and see what I can get away with. Or not. Maybe.

Jennifer (Jen on the Edge) said...

For us, November is the calm before the storm. The time to prepare for the onslaught of the holidays. That said, we work hard to keep December as normal as possible. We usually only accept a couple of party invitations and those have to be family friendly, as we'd much rather spend time together as a family. I also do most of the gift shopping in November so that I can spend December doing the important things: making memories with my girls.

Hope said...

I think also we treat strangers better than those we know because our expectations are far lower. This is something though that bothers me. I want to make sure that I save the best parts of myself for the best parts of family and dear friends..make sense? dunno it's late.

cce said...

I often find myself dreading the party or gathering that I've agreed to go to. But once I get my reluctant butt out the door, I usually enjoy myself. So I fight my natural inclination to be a home body over and over again. Sometimes I win and stay home to watch a movie. Other times I find myself politely nursing a drink and nibbling at the appetizers. But I always, always drive myself, saying no to kind car pooling offers. It feels so much better to know the escape chariot is in my command.

Christine said...

oh parties. sometimes i so love them but other times i just feel so burdened by it all.

and tits in the wringer? that is TOO funny!

Linda and her Surroundings said...

Oh, it is hard to be polite all the time for me. But I manage somehow. Those who know me well enough have learnt not to be too affronted by my personality.

That whole social time of year is stressful but now everyone is so used to me leaving early that they no longer comment.

Thanksgiving must be almost like Christmas!