Friday, November 9

Chill Out... It'll All Be Fine

I had a rough day.
Two of my Friday tests have been moved
to the Monday after Apple Butter weekend.

That's rough and requires a new plan.

I decided since everyone has been looking
at the last two oatmeal bars in my cake dish
that are not edible because they've been there entirely too long
(and I never removed them because they looked pretty and
were not growing hair or anything
that I should make oatmeal bars for Friday Night Get-Together.

So I did.

I also decided while the oatmeal bars were cooking,
I could take this bag of stuff down to the composter.
It was getting a bit smelly just to insert egg shells.

For this week's Get-Together, my little friend had a lovely table set.

It was a bit chilly, so she lit the old wood cookstove in her kitchen.

I'm a bit menopausal, so Jake and I sat out on her back porch to escape the heat.

It looks like I have room for company. Would you like to visit for a spell?


slouching mom said...

Love these pictures! (I always hated having tests on Mondays.)

Jennifer (Jen on the Edge) said...

I love seeing your life illustrated with photos.