Monday, November 5

Guess Who's Going To School?

I'm entering the last phase of the semester.

This is the part where I frantically re-read each course syllabus to see how many tests and how many assignments so I can figure out how much is left to do.

I also read to see what each assignment and test is weighted and calculate my average, so far. Based on that number and what's left, I figure out what I need to maintain or improve my grade.

And registration for spring starts the 9th, I think. I looked online today and some classes are full already. How is that possible?
I looked for the classes I need to take, and some of them aren't even offered next semester! I guess I should go visit with an adviser and see if substitutions are allowed.

Oh, and Miss Jessica is packing up their things and saying good-bye to Texas. She's moving to Virginia and going back to school.


Jennifer (Jen on the Edge) said...

Wonderful! Is she possibly going to school in my neck of the woods?

Christine said...

good luck on the home stretch!