Thursday, September 20

Anything Worth Doing...

I've come to realize just here lately--via my Abnormal Psychology class--that I may possibly be borderline obsessive-compulsive.

Friends and family members have casually thrown out the OCD acronym at various points throughout my life...

but it was meant as a joke, right?

Of course, there has been quite a bit of snickering when I mentioned this revelation to a few individuals...

I just feel like anything worth doing is worth doing right. I give it my all. I'll even redo, if necessary, to get the desired results. Does that make me obsessive? Or just conscientious, perhaps?

Okay, you decide:
  • I have kneepads so I can clean the tile on my kitchen floor correctly. You know, wipe the baseboards and get the corners clean while I've got all that at eye level. But, in my defense, I alternate the hands-and-knees routine with a sponge mop cleaning every other weak.
  • I have coasters to accommodate beverages for all wood surfaces. If you don't see them or understand what they're for, I'll clue you in.
  • I have to clean the cap on the toothpaste tube, ketchup bottle and mustard bottle. It should look newly opened for each use.
  • I have a mirror facing all windows and doorways to keep negativity OUT.
  • I have to have all my chores done before I can even think about playing.
  • I file everything.
  • I intentionally own automatic-shut-off appliances.
  • Every time I visit the in-laws, I find myself picking up the stray bits of catfood on the rug beside the cat's dish before I leave.
  • It bugs me that JB doesn't unfold his dinner napkin before use, so I have taken to shaking it out and putting it across his knee before I sit down to dinner.
  • I'm one of those people who feels compelled to straighten the clothes on hangers when I'm out shopping... and it drives me nuts to go in a dressing room and see a heap of clothes on the floor from the previous shopper.
  • I always hit publish and revise two or three times after that. Doesn't everyone?
  • I always notice a typo, misspelling or grammatical error when reading anything.
Am I OCD or just a bit of a perfectionist?


KathyR said...

Am I OCD or just a bit of a perfectionist?


But, hey, I do some of those things. Like the bottle-wiping thing. I do that. And the post-revising. And the typo-noticing.

My floors could totally use your help.

Imperatrix said...

First tenet of the healing sciences: Physician, do NOT heal thyself!

Some of those things are extreme, but heck, it's better than the opposite, right?

I prefer to keep chores for those times I have serious deadlines. Then I can procrastinate, all in the name of cleanliness. Hah!

Nessa / Goldennib said...

Can you come clean my house?

; )

Jennifer said...

I'd say yes to both, but that doesn't mean it's a problem. I think most of us have habits that may seem odd to others but are still pretty normal.

And believe me, I know OCD, as it resides in our house.

Anne said...

Gee, I think you've had kids! I wish you were my neighbor. We could talk.

(un)relaxeddad said...

What are coasters?
(I'M JOKING! I'm sure we've got some somewhere.)
Actually, I could probably come up with 12 items of my own, mostly to do with arranging and counting.

slouching mom said...

Probably. But it's all a matter of degree. It obviously hasn't interfered much with your life or you would have done something about it already.

Christine said...

ok--lots of these things i obsess about but rarely accomplish (like filing).

oh and speaking of ocd--i can't stop thinking of those peanut butter balls! can you freeze those?