Saturday, September 15

The Right Way Or The Easy Way

The results of the Biology test came Friday. I aced the Lab and passed the other. I know now I just have to put more time in it than I would like.

I know this.

I beat the class average though, so I'm not complaining.

Since this is one of my real classes, (as opposed to a distance learning web class) I got the benefit of Dr Biology's 25 minute lecture to the class, immediately following the distribution of the test results.
He paced the floor, chalk in hand, and spoke adamantly about accepting responsibility and making good life decisions.

I doubt if he's 40, but his message was one I have heard many many years ago. Parts of it, I have told my daughters during the course of their lives.

I was encouraged to see an educator so intent on making a difference.


slouching mom said...

Good on you for acing the lab! That prof. could have been my husband (though he's not in biology) -- he's 39. He cares so much about the teaching aspect of his professorial responsibilities. So many care only about their research.

I'm glad there are profs. like your Dr. Biology and my hubs.

goldennib said...

Good job on the tests.

Christine said...

hey--great job! biology always scared me a bit.

oh and what sm said about her hubs--mine, too!

he is a young whipper snapper in his department, but has already won a prestigious teaching award for caring so much about his students.

ok i'm bragging but i love the crazy guy!