Sunday, September 16

To Everything There Is A Season

I have been processing a great deal of information since I returned to school last month. I've still not gotten a comfortable routine together... one that allows time for necessary academics, as well as household obligations and the ever-important downtime.

I haven't given up. I'm still working on it.

I do most of my homework in the wee hours when the world is sleeping and quiet. Once the sun begins to rise, it's as if the gates are opened and the race to the finish is on. Invariably, the day wins and I still have things on my list to do. Is it that time is moving faster or am I just moving slower?

But, I'm learning to prioritize.

JB tilled the garden for me on Monday and I planted Georgia Collards Tuesday. I checked yesterday and I have little bitty plants emerging already. I find comfort in knowing we will have something green from the garden in the dead of winter.

Yesterday, I noticed all these deer immediately behind the garden...

JB said he thinks they're waiting on the collards.

They seemed to get a bit annoyed with me and my camera,
and scattered just minutes later.

I lingered outside and caught this image:

I love fall (and spring) because they both explode with color.

The pink scattered all over the (southern engineered steps using pavers)
ground are blooms from those two huge crepe myrtles.


slouching mom said...

Ahh. That last picture -- so lovely.

You live a full life. And that is something in which you can take pride.

Imperatrix said...

Nice. Winter gardening -- such a novel idea. ;-)

I can't remember, is your garden fenced in? Because with so many deer, I would guess it's often a battle of who gets to the food first!

Jennifer said...

What lovely photos -- as always.

And how nice to read that you're planting for the fall and winter. If you have the time to read for pleasure, I highly recommend "Animal Vegetable Miracle" by Barbara Kingsolver. I think her story will resonate with you.

KathyR said...

I love crepe myrtles. I'm not sure why, since I'm kind of a minimalist and they are sort of frilly. But I love them, especially the bright pink ones.

Nessa / Goldennib said...

The deer look so peaceful. The stairs beautiful.

The trick is to have a shorter to-do list; D

I suggest cutting out housework.

Christine said...

i've mentioned before that i love crepe myrtles.