Sunday, September 23

You Never Miss The Water Until The Well Runs Dry

Yesterday, I put up Pear Honey.

Today I will put up pear honey.

The only problem I have with it these days is I have no help.

It makes me a bit sad as I peel the pears. Tasks of this nature invite idle conversation among its participants.

My mind wanders back to the time I had two eager-to-help little girls. I remember how the first year was a such thrill for them.
But, the second year wasn't met with quite the same level of excitement.

Sometimes I'd even be lucky enough to snag a friend of one of the eager-to-help little girls... one who had absolutely no knowledge of what it takes to make jelly.
And they'd be good until next season rolled around...

As the girls got older, I think they all became wiser. By some odd coincidence, extracurricular activities seemed to be scheduled the same weekends I had planned to make jelly.

But, at least they got a taste of what's involved.

And nowadays, they get a taste of pear honey in a care package from time to time.


Nessa said...

They'll come back to it eventually. Our girls did the same thing. They'll have great memories.

Jennifer said...

Oh yum! I've never had pear honey, but I'm sure it's wonderful. What are the basic ingredients?

In years past, I've made strawberry, cherry, and blueberry jams, as well as apple and pumpkin butters. This year, nothing, as there was simply no time for larger projects like that. Now that it's apple season, I will be going to the orchard, bringing home pounds and pounds and pounds of apples and then making applesauce and apple pies.

slouching mom said...

You'll be doing it with your granddaughters and grandsons someday.

Christine said...

can we have coffee and pie and biscuits and pear honey someday? i am not sure what pear honey is but it sounds like heaven.

i'll post the grape pie recipe soon. . .

Christine said...

just put of the link to the grape pie recipe i used