Monday, September 10

My Mind Needs A Break

I've noticed since I went back to school, my brain gets tired.
I'll study for a while and get so wound up,
it's like I've had entirely too much coffee or something.

My thoughts become quick and random... very random.

I caught the afternoon sun dancing in the corner cabinet.

The AC has had its tongue hanging out for sometime with the high temps--
only its been hard to tell whether it was me with my hot flashes
or the AC was actually going out.

Saturday, we decided it was the AC.
It gave it up completely.

So we said the hell with it and decided to take it outside for dinner.

We fired up the turkey cooker and dropped in some potatoes
and cooked big old burgers on the little grill.
I had made fresh potato rolls and a few were bun-size.

We stayed out in the backyard where it was much cooler well after dark.

When we came back into the house, this spider was
busy building his web across the patio doors.

JB and I followed his example,
and got busy opening windows
and putting the ceiling fans on helicopter speed.

We're installed two window units on Sunday so everything is fine... Not bad, really.
The AC should be fixed this afternoon.


cce said...

Your setting looks lovely, just breath taking really. I'm surprised you can get anything done while gazing out on such pastoral vistas. But please tell me your lilacs behind the grill finished blooming a long time ago and that photo's a hold over from spring. If not I NEED to know your secret. Lilacs in September are worthy of a second glance.

LisaBinDaCity said...

What a beautiful place you have... color me envious, (but in a good way!)

Jennifer said...

It sounds like you had a nice weekend, even with the studying. I'd think that being in such a lovely setting would help. You could sit on your wonderful porch, study a bit, stare off into the distance and think a bit, go back to reading, then study more, and so on.

slouching mom said...

love the spider shot!

OldHorsetailSnake said...

Man, that's so precious I wouldn't be surprised if you ate dinner out there every day.

Christine said...

this was lovely post that reminded me of my grad school days in virginia with thoughts spinning wildly and sultry summer nights.

goldennib said...

Beautiful pictures. I like the sun on the cabinet and the spider.