Wednesday, September 26

Come Smile With Me

When I read Boomer Chronicles earlier this week, it was noted that another baby boomer site LifeTwo is presenting “How to Be Happy Week." Who doesn't want to be happy? Or happier?

One of the things suggested on Life Two was to make a list of the things that brought you pleasure or made you happy.

I'm jumping on the bandwagon and sharing my little pleasures so far this week:

  • My pal, Patriside, at Father Knows Nothing, has broken his month-long silence and is posting again. I'm delighted with the news he has to share. He's a good read anyway, without good news.
  • I made a 93 on my math test. Woohoo! It's starting to look a little less like Chinese and I actually know what to do with those equations these days.
  • My youngest, Jeni, has finished her clinicals for summer. She's in her last year of college, majoring in dental hygiene.
  • My oldest, Jess, doesn't require surgery for her tendinitis! She is also exploring a career change.

Now, don't be fooled into thinking that everything is just peachy. But, I have made a conscious choice to accentuate the positive.

(I'm also reading The Secret.)

Can happiness really make you age backwards? I'm willing to give it a shot to see.

So from now on, its smiles and giggles and laughs for me. And if you're ready to take plunge as well, check out what my friend Hoss, had to say about living life backwards.


Jennifer said...

I am a firm believer that a positive attitude is the basis of a good life.

That said, I've been having a tough week, so thank you for reminding of how I need to adjust my mindset.

Wesley said...

Thanks for the mention. Both you and Jennifer are spot on. Outlook and attitude are huge determinants in one's happiness level.

The other thing of note is that according to research it doesn't take all that many positive events to make someone's week be perceived as positive on the whole. In other words, if you are able to incorporate even a few pleasurable events in a week that you might have otherwise not been able to, then you have a good chance of turning the week around.

Once again, thanks for the link. It certainly made me happy.

Nessa said...

Looking at the positive is much better than the other stuff.

Rhea said...

Gratitude. People who are happy have lots of gratitude. I have to remember that....

KathyR said...

A 93! Wow! Good work!

If I ever got a 93 on a math test, I would skip right over believing in happiness and start believing in miracles.

Nino the Mindboggler said...

Congrats on the math and thanks for the linky-love! The happiness just keeps growing and growing...