Monday, September 3

A Labor of Love

I'm sewing today.

My mind has been racing since I started digging through lots of old fabric.
Some pieces are vintage and some are remnants from sewing for my two girls.

Blue's been hanging pretty close.
I bet he thinks because we're both in the kitchen,
his odds of getting something from the treat jar are far better.

Or it could have something to do with the fact
I have everything spread out on the kitchen table.

The same table we eat our meals on...

The same kitchen table that
sometimes JB and friends will play guitar around.

But the kitchen is large--
and comfortable enough
to accommodate all kinds of activity.

Like lunch...

I'm having leftover Spinach Quiche for lunch this Labor Day.

No hamburgers and hotdogs today.


Jennifer said...

It sounds peaceful at your house. Enjoy the sewing.

LisaBinDaCity said...

I think it sounds lovely! Hope it's a great day and evening.

slouching mom said...

mmm, quiche.

love the greenery outside your kitchen window!

Christine said...

can i live with you? seriously. i wanted to eat the quiche, pet you dog, learn to sew and listen to jb's guitar while looking out the window.