Wednesday, September 12

There's Always Rain Before A Rainbow

I've survived--at least for now-- the first round of Biology testing. Just overwhelming--all the terms I can't even pronounce and the stuff!

But... I'm still breathing and probably better because of it.

I can home after double testing ( I had a Lab test,too!)
and was greeted by rainbows!

Lots and lots of rainbows dancing all across my house.

Momo and I had bought these chandelier replacements at Tuesday morning,
probably a year or two ago,
and I hung them with suction cups from my west windows.

They make the afternoon sun just beautiful.
They reflect on the floor in the kitchen.

They dance on the kitchen cabinets.

I can see them on the living room wall and
all the way down the hall on the back door.

I had put clear faceted crystal knobs on the cabinets
in the Master Bath in Texas for the very same reason.

I suspect, the nurse is enjoying them these days.
I have a feeling she may see rainbows and perhaps, think of me.


goldennib said...

Congrats on surviving your test. Science terms are killers.

The rainbows are lovely and a joy.

Imperatrix said...

Well, if that isn't a sign of a successful test, I don't know what is!

What a wonderful idea to use those chandelier replacements.

Anil P said...

The colors of the rainbow mirror those of life.

Jennifer said...

I'm glad you got through the testing.

The rainbows are magical.

the end of motherhood said...

Remember it well. Oh, wait. No. I don't remember it well at all. In fact, the single thing I remember from Biology 101 is the Hardy- Weinberg Equilibrium. Just the name, mind you. Not what it means.

Congrats on getting through!