Friday, September 21

Basic Training

It has come to my attention
that by allowing the deers to run freely in the yard,
I may be putting them in danger of hunters.

Momo thinks they are becoming too comfortable with people
and, as a result, hunters will be able to walk right up on them...
and kill them.

I've become a bit more forward since this realization.
I am trying to prepare them.
I walk sneakily toward them, and my camera is my weapon.

And they retreat!

Will they respond quick enough when it counts?

No, there is no hunting on our property
but, our property borders others' who DO hunt.

Beyond the trees, over the hill, are avid hunters.

I wish I could keep them safe,
but am coming to realize that it is not so.


Imperatrix said...

You're doing the right thing, training them back to wildness.

slouching mom said...

Oh, I wish it didn't have to be that way. :(

cce said...

I can remember watching hunters circle my grandmother's block during hunting season. They'd stay in their trucks and shoot from rolled down windows. Even at age six I was horrified by this practice.
The deer as so beautiful and slight. I can't imagine what pleasure anyone gets from extinguishing such fragility.

Nessa / Goldennib said...

Maybe they'll come to your land to avoid the hunters.

Anne said...

I was just putting together some descriptions of what happens in our neighborhood! We let hunters on our land...they've been hunting on our land for the last 15 years and its a very exclusive bunch, and now my son hunts with them. Too me its just part of the great circle of life and the people around here count on it as a food source and it saves them money. Most of the people I know around here process their own deer. We have a friend in Chicago (policeman) who takes the road kill. What bothers me is that I have to where orange walking on my property and I worry about our dog and getting shot.

blackbird said...

I'm just not good with deer.

Christine said...

you are doing the best thing.

and you want them away from your house and property during hunting season for your safety, too.