Saturday, September 8

Oh, But How The Mind Does Wander

I've gotten in the habit of waking early. When I let Blue out for his morning run, sometimes I'll step out on the east stoop and take a look, just to see if Mother Nature will give me a clue as to what the day holds.

I was intrigued by the early morning fog and watched as it rolled slowly down from the hayfield and into the backyard.

The setting is very reminiscent to one of those old horror movies I watched as a teenager. I can almost imagine vampires or werewolves lurking behind the trees...

But the scariest thing around is one big fat cat, who is still guarding his almost-dried-up catnip.


goldennib said...

Funny. The pictures were so gothic until the kitty cat showed up.

slouching mom said...

Gorgeous photographs.

You have real talent (and, I suppose, a beautiful setting with which to work).

goldennib said...

Are you game? Please play with me.

Christine said...

your photos are always so pretty.

fog always gives me the creeps, yet i still like it in a weird way.