Tuesday, October 30

Are you sucked in?

I saw Lauren Hutton on the Today Show this morning. She's holding up incredibly well. She did a brief interview with Al Roker and it was mentioned she would be among the cast for Nip/Tuck this season. She admitted that prior to being offered the part, she had no knowledge of the show because she hasn't owned a TV since 1972 (might have been '62--I'm not sure.)
I identified with her reasons for not having a set. She said if the TV was on, it just sucked her in and she got nothing done.

I've probably seen more than my share of the Weather Channel. It's background noise, more than anything. JB watches the first part of Today Show for the local weather segment--then the TV switches to XM Cafe at 10 a.m. via autotune.

We all know there's not diddley squat on TV anymore. So why do we get "sucked in?"

The only things I make a point of watching is Weeds and The Riches. Weeds runs August till November on Showtime, and The Riches runs March till May, I think, on FX.
Both shows have such totally wacked out storylines, I have to watch them just to see what happens next.


Anne said...

Last Thanksgiving my sister and i spent the whole day watching the first season of WEEDS. She had bought the CD. Neither one of us have HBO. I love that show. She said if i come up at christmas she'll get the second season. Its the perfect way to spend the day. (i don't watch much TV either except the John Daily show and the cobert report ..and scrubs and southpark if my son has them on)

slouching mom said...

I really like Mad Men -- it's on Thursday night at 10pm. (The season finale was a couple of weeks ago, though.)

Jennifer (Jen on the Edge) said...

If the TV is on, I cannot help but watch it, no matter how craptacular the show is. So, we don't turn on the TV unless it's something good enough to merit our investment of time. We actually cancelled our satellite service this year, so we only get the major networks now.

Linda and her Surroundings said...

I love television. I have it on for company. But I mostly watch ABC and not many drama shows. Cartoons are it for me. And I cannot have cable in the house or I shall watch Star Trek ALL weekend or cartoons.

Christine said...

i started watching the riches once, but i always would fall asleep!