Tuesday, October 23

Shifting Gears

Meet Bug-Out Bob. He is in a tight spot.

He was designed as a stress toy.
Squeeze him.
His eyes and ear protrude severely, in an attempt to release your steam.
Doing this, I'm told, helps to eliminate day-to-day stress.

Well... right now, he's eliminating stress by standing in for holiday decorations.
He realizes this wasn't in his original job description, but he's learning to adapt.

His flexibility has probably helped him cope with this reassignment.

My bathrobe is just moonlighting as a holiday decoration,
but has not actually changed jobs. It's primary role is still the same,
but it's area of residence has just changed temporarily.

Polar fleece does tend to be more accommodating.


Jennifer (Jen on the Edge) said...

That is an EXCELLENT robe!

slouching mom said...

Heh. I've met Bug-Out Bob before.

I prefer worry beads.

Nessa said...

Scary hand on Bob.

(un)relaxeddad said...

Dudelet encountered a toy like that. Generated shrieks of delighted horror.

LisaBinDaCity said...

Yikes! Bob scares me ;-)

kerrianne said...

That picture really sort of scared me for a moment there. Very Halloweenish, indeed.

(Now, do I get a piece of candy?)

; )

cce said...

Great improvisational holiday decorating. Good for you!

Christine said...

i LOVE that robe! did you make it?