Monday, October 22

Tree As A Bird

Looking at trees is like cloud-watching.
If you look, you can see all kinds of things.

This is my "butt tree." I don't know what species it is
but, from the first time I saw it I had visions
of creating a nice sitting area and using it as a bench.

Do you see the log that looks like a lizard standing up on two legs
in the lower left-hand corner?

Momo found the alligator in this one. Do you see it?

And this path?
Why, it can lead you anywhere your imagination will take you.


slouching mom said...

Lovely photos of your lovely land.

Nessa said...

That's why fairy tales always have woods in them.

Christine said...

oh i saw the bird and the alligator! but not the lizard. gotta look again. . .