Tuesday, October 16

Remember Your Manners

Did you ever see the movie Blast From The Past with Brandon Frazier?
There's one scene in particular that stands out for me. It's when the true definition of "lady" or "gentleman" is presented as "A lady or gentleman is one who makes sure those around him (or her) or completely comfortable."

There's one scene is Gone With The Wind, when Clark Gable's credibility is questioned. He is asked if he might give his word "as a gentleman." Being the scoundrel he was, he smiled mischievously and acknowledged, "(My word) As a gentleman? Absolutely!"

I checked out Webster's online today to see what the modern day definition of lady and gentleman might be:

LADY: a woman of refinement and gentle manners
GENTLEMAN: a man whose conduct conforms to a high standard of propriety or correct behavior

Not necessarily the prudish implication we may have expected... or the one that society today has implied.

Nonetheless, one fact remains: good manners never go out of style. I can't ever remember going anywhere without Momo telling me "Remember your manners" as I was going out the door. I have done this very same thing to my daughters as well.

All you parents out there who are begrudging the fact the toddlers are repeating your words... there is nothing more welcome than a child with good manners.

I always make a point to tell the children of friends or family the secret way to get anything in the world they want. Of course, they're wide-eyed when I mention this. I pull them aside and whisper "manners" in their ear. They always want to know more.

What begins with "please" and "thank you" can easily become a lifestyle of courtesy and consideration for one another. And just imagine what kind of world we would live in if we all had consideration for one another...


blackbird said...


Jennifer (Jen on the Edge) said...


We've stressed manners with our girls, to the point that it's completely ingrained. When my older girl had her tonsils out this past summer, she was unfailingly polite, even when high on drugs. The nurses said she was probably the best-mannered patient they'd ever had.

KathyR said...


If you could just get the teenage boys who visit my house to stop chewing and smacking with their mouths open, I would be most grateful.

Stuntmother said...

HOORAY! You said it.

We're working on it. For some reason, table manners are one of the hardest arenas for at least one of my children who thinks everything he's wearing (or I'm wearing) is a napkin.

Still working on it though

Nessa said...

Real manners are always good. But manners that cover up bad behavior makes me nuts, like the woman who would say "Excuse me" just before knocking you out of the way of the copier or in the hall.

slouching mom said...

Preaching to the choir, MizMell. Which is not to say my boys are particularly well-mannered, yet, but I do try. Every day.