Saturday, October 13

The Next Generation

Here's a picture to satisfy the mental one of the 38 concrete steps to class I've whined about. Try this with a load of books and a bladder full of coffee...

I have taken the time to scope out the restrooms that do not have lines and will go out of my way for an easy in-and-out experience.
Choose the path of least resistance, that's what my oldest has always suggested. I think she's pretty wise to figure that one out at 23!

And we all know that the lessons learned during our early 20s really lay the foundation for those later years. And because I know this, it is increasingly hard for me to hold my tongue and control my maternal instincts when I interact with fellow students. For the most part, they are all about the age of my children.

There's a young fellow in my biology class that reminds me of my Jeni's boyfriend of 5 or more years. This guy has long beautiful eyelashes and I've decided he's very intelligent based on his class participation. His hair sticks up in various places on his head, but I think he planned it that way. I wonder if he's an engineering student like my Jeni's Daniel.

I approached him the other day in Lab and asked him if he was an engineering student. He said no, he was no where close to being that comfortable with calculus and trig. The CAD programs drive him crazy too.

He said he is a film student.

With that statement, he caught the attention of my lab partner who is studying to be a pharmacist, but may sell out and be a drug rep because they make so much more money than pharmacists. She has the complexion and all the presumed innocence of an Ivory Soap girl.

So I chat a bit with the film student. Where he plans on transferring, what type of films he'd like to produce...

He says he'd really like to do documentaries.

"Documentaries!," Miss Sell-Out Pharmacist is shocked.

And under her breath, barely audible, she mutters "That's what I'll be watching when the calculator in my head ceases to function."


slouching mom said...

I love it!

Keep these campus stories coming...they're so much fun.

Kellan Rhodes said...

I loved this story - thanks for sharing it. And I loved the picture of the steps - it is so representative of how all our lives sometimes feel.

cce said...

Ivory Soap girl...a whore I tell you. I'm on film student's side. Documentaries are a worthy enterprise.

Jennifer (Jen on the Edge) said...

The photo is lovely. I see the symbolism in the stairs.

As for your classmates, it sounds like you're enjoying meeting new people. And it sounds as though they are quite interesting.

Thanks for sharing.

Nessa said...

Those stairs will make your legs and tushy look great.

Your story is wonderful: the almighty dollar.

OldHorsetailSnake said...

If I had had a calculator in my head, I would now be retired as the successor to Norman Einstein, that's how good I would have been.