Friday, October 19

What Have We Learned?

After hours of studying and reviewing nice little index cards with all the required vocabulary and concepts, I feel as if my head could explode.

Just Too Much Information.

You see that deer's expression? He's looking at me like that because I talk to him... all of them. Not like I'd talk to you or JB, but more like I talk to my dog, Blue.

I can say anything to them and they just listen attentively. I review biology concepts with them all the time--me on the back deck while they're scrounging under the Persimmon tree.

Sometimes, I'll just share my "to do" list or my "done" list.

Most everything takes on a different perspective once it verbalized, don't you think?

They just look at me like I have three heads...


slouching mom said...

That's a great picture. Look how he's got his head turned all the way around! I wish I could do that.

Linda and her Surroundings said...

And that is near where you live? How gorgeous. Photo is beautiful.

Nessa said...

Cute. I talk to all kinds of things, all the time.