Wednesday, October 3

How's That Again?

I've noticed a recent drop in comments and started analyzing.
Should I do more recipes? More photographs? More memory fragments or daily ramblings?

What makes some folks read 6 pages or more and others zoom through in 10 seconds flat, but neither leave a comment?

Well, here's your opportunity via the The Great Mofo Delurk 2007:

It'd be nice to hear your thoughts, you lurkers, you.


cce said...

I've noticed comments on my blog have been light lately too and, I can't help but thinking, that everyone is so busy writing tomorrow's witty post for their own blog to read mine or yours or anyone's for that matter.
Have we reached the saturation point? Is this blogging thing kind of, well, over?
I don't know. Just a query, but I struggle to stay with it. Seems like a road well traveled, ya know?
Hope you get some lurkers to de-lurk today!

slouching mom said...

I'm no lurker, but I know that the pressure I'm feeling lately boils down to this:

too many blogs, too little time...

Jennifer said...

I usually pay attention to how many comments bloggers get and I'm noticing changes on my blog and other people's. And, several people have written that their comments are down. Maybe people are busy? I don't know. Maddening.

As for what you write, just keep doing what you do. Stories, photos, recipes -- they're all good.

Just don't drive yourself nuts over the statistics.

Imperatrix said...

Deadlines, deadlines. That's what's keeping me fom commenting.

(oh, and word verification. looks like now they're up to *eight* letters. Jeez louise!)

blackbird said...

oh, I missed it!

Here I am...

Christine said...

ditto what sm said--too much good stuff to read out there!

(un)relaxeddad said...

There does seem to be - I think it's because on your blog, I tend to read a lot of the recipes or gardening notes, enjoy them but (because I don't really cook and definitely don't garden), I tend to feel a bit silly just saying "Great!" In other words, if I haven't got something substantive to say, I suppose I generally keep quiet.