Wednesday, October 17

Dragging My Halloween Feet

My Jenifer could be the poster child for Halloween in this picture.

I remember this was her "first" and she thoroughly embraced the idea of people giving her candy.

She was eating the candy almost as fast as it was being dropped into her little pumpkin bucket.

Did you notice the sucker stuck to her thigh?

Some years later... Jessica and Jenifer ready for their evening of trick or treating.
Jessica was a "devil woman" and Jeni, a rabbit.

I still have Jessica's cape in my box of Halloween goodies. Probably, because it was such a bear to sew that slippery stuff! But it turned out beautifully.
The inside was black satin, so the following year she used it again when she was a witch.

Jeni's rabbit costume doubled as cold weather sleepwear--minus the hat, gloves, booties and over sized bow, of course.
She grew very fond of this outfit, (it was made of robe velor) that we changed it us just slightly and the next year she was a cat.

I made the bags from one of those panels you get at the fabric store.

I've had "get out halloween decorations" on my list for well over a week now. It's doesn't have the sense of urgency that it once did with children at home. When the girls were little, decorations had to be put out on the 1st!!

But I'll get there.


LisaBinDaCity said...

What cutie-pies! Love the pics!

I have a pumpkin I should do something with... I'll get to it eventually ;-)

Jennifer (Jen on the Edge) said...

How cute!

The Ernie costume reminds me of how all costumes were in the 1970s: One piece jammie-type things that tied in the back and plastic masks that didn't breathe very well.

slouching mom said...

The lollipop on her leg! Oh my God how funny!

slouching mom said...

Thanks for the NaBloPoMo invite, but I think I'll pass. I have to start posting less frequently, not more. LOL!

Nessa said...

They are so cute and adorable.

OldHorsetailSnake said...

I am hiding out on Halloween. The knee biters are okay, but always we get 14-16 year-old kids which I cannot abide.

Deb said...

Oh, heavens... I'm so grateful my 15-month-old isn't aware yet. The idea of having to decorate for Halloween this year with everything else going on makes me shudder.

Love the photos. Reminds me of my own childhood costumes.