Wednesday, October 24

The Sky is Leaking

This is a weather indicator in my neck of the woods.

When it storms, everything wants inside.

Except me... I stepped out the deck and enjoyed the rain.


Christine said...

i love the rain. i ran 3 hard miles in a downpour and while it was muddy and difficult it was also freeing and refreshing.

Imperatrix said...

I guess it really *was* raining cats and dogs in your neck of the woods!

I'm glad the rain brought cooler weather. 75 degrees in late October is awful!

Jennifer (Jen on the Edge) said...

I know your animals are trying to look pitiful. "Please, please, please let us in. We're afraid of this strange wet stuff falling from the sky." But! That photo is hilarious.

slouching mom said...

That photo of your pets is hilarious!

Anne said...

The picture of your pets is adorable. If you stepped outside to enjoy the rain, your temperatures must be very pleasant. Oh well, our winters come early here in Minnesota. When I got in my car to go to work the Moon was low in the western sky (it was 7:30 am and light out). So at least we still have that.