Saturday, October 20

Fighting the Good Fight

I've become a bit fanatical.

After learning more about what goes on inside your body, I'm doing my best to help out the good guys in my cells. I am just amazed at all the stuff that is going on in there all the time. You know with the enzymes and the organelles... the cleansing and detoxifying.

JB knows. Everytime I come to him excited about some new concept, he rolls him eyes and endures my mini lecture. We are both learning so much--about biology and each other.

Right now, I should be building a web page for my Internet class. That's why I signed up for the class. I needed to be forced to learn HTML and quit "winging it." There's nothing that difficult about HTML. It's just tedious...

So is making apple butter.

And this year JB thinks we should do 2 kettles.

Last year efforts produced 109 quarts and now he thinks we should do TWO kettles.
I've decided to pull a Scarlet O'Hara thing and just not think about that right now.

The coffee's done, so I better start that homework. But first I have to share a wonderful dip I did last night for our Friday Get-together.

1 can crushed pineapple, drained
1/2 cup diced green pepper
1/2 cup chopped green onions
1 tsp Lemon Pepper
1 tsp Lawry's Seasoned Salt
2 8-ounce packages cream cheese, softened
1/2 cup diced walnuts

Mix well. (ha!) I threw it all into my food processor and "pulsed" until mixed.
I served with Ritz Vegetable Crackers and the Honey Butter Ritz. Delish!

I made meatloaf subs, too.


slouching mom said...

You know what I love about you? Your zest for life. You've got a hand in so many different pots...literally!

Jennifer (Jen on the Edge) said...

Wait a moment... You do your apple butter over a fire? Where? Do you have a massive fireplace in your kitchen or do you do it outside?

KathyR said...

Dang, that's a lot of apple butter. Who eats all of it?

Oh, and thanks for inviting me to the blog-all-month thing, but I am obviously too undisciplined for any such thing. I'll enjoy watching you guys do it.

Nessa said...

I bet your cells loved that dip.