Thursday, October 25

The Great Masquerade

Blue enjoyed his convict costume back in 2003,
but I think he's a bit too pudgy to fit into it nowadays.
Since I haven't brought the decorations down, I don't know what we have to fit him this year.

That same year Haji donned this bee costume. That was before he developed PTDD (Post Traumatic Dog Disorder) and took up residence on the back deck. I don't think he'll be dressing up for Halloween this year. He thinks he's a big dog and big dogs just don't do that type of thing. It would probably hurt their credibility or something.


Nessa said...


Anne said...

PTDD - is that an official term?Was he diagnosed? I just put one of our cat's down because she pee'd on the bed. I am sure she did it because it was her bed and she discovered one of my son's friends sleeping in it. She's been peeing on my son's stuff that he leaves on the floor in the laundry room or coat room for years. She doesn't like boys for good reason. Wonder what that would be called (she suffered alot when he was younger)

cce said...

I'm so tempted by these adorable Halloween outfits available for dogs now. But I will save her the potential PTDD because I know she would find some way to eat the costume off her own back. She is destructive. She is flexible. She is SuperDog!

Christine said...

his eyes in the bee costume are so VERY bug like!