Sunday, October 21

Coping With Hiccups

I thought I was doing really well yesterday, until the power went out. When you live in the boonies, this is to be expected. It doesn't matter how enormous your utility bill is each month, or the fact that you pay this enormous bill each month--you'll still have "hiccups" in the power. Yesterday, the "hiccup" lasted about 4 hours.

I was right in the middle of a whole bunch of HTML code for my internet class, and off went everything. I was safe though... because I code , I save and I preview a lot.

I drove to the end of the road (3.5 miles) peering into houses all the way, to see if anyone else had power. The chickie at the little store that we frequent, said their power had "winked." When I got back home, we still had no power.

Then I realized God must have wanted us to spend some time outside.

I checked to see what Jake had added to the bone collection.
The dogs have a nasty habit of dragging all kinds of things home.
I find leg bones and skulls and parts I can't even identify. (This is why I dread hunting season--aside from the fact I don't condone the killing.)

Then, I re potted 8 plants. I'm trying to prepare things so
I can get all my succulents in the house for winter.

JB bought me this flower pot a couple of years ago
because he thinks the feet look like my feet.
Let me clarify one thing right away: my feet are not green.

I got JB to move the big hibiscus to the kitchen porch
so we could enjoy it a bit longer. It's a monster, isn't it?

No power made me realize just how dependent we are on electricity. I couldn't sew. I couldn't vacuum (darn!), couldn't cook, couldn't wash clothes, couldn't run the AC or the ceiling fans...
But I did notice how bad the ceiling fan in the kitchen was in need of cleaning and took care of it right away.

And when the power did come back on, I immediately vacuumed up a dog or two-- and then made this wonderful vegan pizza.


slouching mom said...

As you said -- it gave you some needed and wanted outdoor time, so I guess it's all good.

LisaBinDaCity said...

Pizza recipe please.

Way to make lemonade out of those pesky lemons :-)

Jennifer (Jen on the Edge) said...

A nice day to be outside!

And, I adore the footed pot.

doow said...

That pizza looks so good!